The smallest Arduino ever OLIMEXINO-85S is just 16.9 x 12.7 mm (0.67×0.5″) !



You probably remember this blog post where we announced the OLIMEXINO-NANO with only 30×30 mm dimensions.

Then we further shrink the Arduino and made OLIMEXINO-85 based on Tiny85 to 30×22 mm.

Now we decided to see how small we can go with Tiny85 and made bare minimum design based on SMD technology:

  • ATTiny85 programmable by Arduino IDE made by Digispark
  • two LEDs one for power supply and one user programmable
  • All ports available to breadboard friendly two rows at 0.4″ distance
  • can be powered by USB micro connector or by LiPo battery

this board is so small that you should keep it away from children as they can inhale it 🙂

perfect for embedding in small spaces