Quad Core Cortex-A7 for $4

A33 Shipping Now-1

Allwinner just announced that in July they start the mass production of their A33 Quad core Cortex-A7 processor targeting low end tablets and media players.

With 1080p playback, MALI400MP2, integrated HIFI Audio codec, low power consumption the target is clear – handheld media player devices and tablets, so far nothing new.

The new is that A33 comes from the very beginning at shocking low price of only $4 i.e. $1 per core or about same price as ATmega328 in single quantity in Digikey 🙂

So either 8-bit processors are overpriced either the competition of these tablet SoC is so crazy that it drives the vendors to fall on the rock bottom from the start.

Allwinner used to keep the prices of the newly released chips high at the beginning then to decrease them at half after a year. A31 was something like $20 when they start selling it now is under $10.

Unfortunately A33 have no Ethernet connectivity, so not quite good choice for Linux computer.

So far A20 is Allwinner best solution with both SATA and Ethernet interfaces, even their newest and most powerful A80 missing SATA.

A80 Octa core BigLittle SoC from Allwinner will be ready in 2014


Eva Wu from Allwinner marketing sent me the new logo for A80.

There is no much info about it yet, but it will be 8 core (4xCortex-A15 and 4xCortexA7) and Allwinner is working now on it. Probably it will have 8-16 GPU co-processors too, we hope these to be MALI but there are great chances these to be PowerVR like A31, Eva is silent on this.

This new 8-core SoC will position Allwinner again on top of Rockchip which work on Cortex-A12 and have now RK3188 which is the most productive Chinese SoC with 4-core Cortex-A9.

It’s great to see how these two companies penetrate in such fields where the Western companies dominated just few years ago and now are in the league where the big boys Samsung. Mediatek, Qualcomm etc are playing.

With 8-core the small linux computers will become desktop productivity. Let’s hope Allwinner will keep the SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI like in A20.

In 2015 Samsung will have same technology capability as Intel


For decades Intel have been few years ahead of the competition. They always had semiconductor process which is two nodes before rest in the industry, but with the decline of Desktops and the rise of the mobile devices this is about to change.

Samsung is catching up Intel and they both will have 14nm process at the same time in 2015.

Intel announced their first SoC based on 14nm will be available in the first half of 2015, Samsung is preparing to do the same, they have signed with Apple to manufacture their new iPhone7 SoC on 14nm first half of 2015.

How Long OLinuXino boards with Allwinner SoCs will be available?


We get this question often from our customers.

We usually produce our boards as long as there is demand for them and we can buy the components which are used.

Our customers worry that if they put some of our OLinuXino boards with Allwinner SoC in their product there will be problems to source them later in 1-2 years ahead.

Frankly I do not know the right answer for this question.

We have not so much experience with Allwinner, we work with them since March 2012 this is about 16 months.

What Allwinner says is that they do not discontinue their obsolete processors and you can always buy them, they say they sell now even their old F20 series processors if one wants to buy, but we can’t try as we do not use them.

We all know that Allwinner is working in very dynamic market – tablets, phones, media devices where on every 6 month you either release newer, faster, cheaper SoC or you are dead and nobody remembers you.

This makes impression that once obsolete Allwinner will not produce these processors as they are focused on the newest SoCs which take the major sales.

Well when we started in March 2012 the high runner for Allwinner were A10, A13 and A10s, now the major sales they make are with A20 and A31, but we do not experience any problems to order any quantities of A13, A10, A10s although these are already behind their peak sales.

What will be the situation 2-3 years from now?

I dont know, but if Allwinner still sell their 5-6 years old F20 processors why they will not sell their newer A10-A10s-A13?