Softuniada 2020 is this weekend and we have Arduino workshop there with eduArdu

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Softuniada is programming contest made by SoftUni. It will be held in Sofia Tech Park 22 and 23 of February.

Olimex will have Arduino Workshop with eduArdu board on 23 of February 10.00-16.30

eduArdu is Arduino compatible educational platform. During the workshop we will teach you:

  • How to control servo motors;
  • How to drive LED matrix displays;
  • How to measure temperature;
  • How to measure Lighting;
  • How to measure distance with ultrasound;
  • How to play melodies;
  • How to drive RGB LEDs;
  • How to make piano with banana keys;
  • How to work with Joystick;
  • How to receive and transmit IR remote control commands and to control TVs;
  • How to measure noise;

To participate in the workshop you have to bring with you Laptops. The approx time of the workshop is 1 hour and 45 minutes.


SoftUni camp Soldering workshop – 17th of August in Hisarrya


This week, right after our vacation we have been invited to make soldering workshop in SoftUni camp – the summer camp of the Software University.

More than 30 enthusiastic youngsters most of who have never worked with hardware assembled their first electronic boards and then learned how to program them with Arduino IDE.


The boards they assembled were: OLIMEXINO-85-KIT, FOSDEM-85 and SIMON-85-KIT

It was amazing that all of the boards were working at the end 🙂



SoftUni Conf June 2015, Borovetz


The already traditional SoftUni Conf this year was in Borovetz last weekend.

Olimex was invited to speak for ESP8266 and we presented there our latest development the IoT Firmware.

We demonstrated how easy is to work with ESP8266-EVB and other modules like relays, temperature sensors, GAS sensors, RGB displays, RGB Leds, etc controlling everything by HTML and JavaScript without any electronics background nor low level programming.


here is code snip which will switch the ESP8266-EVB relay ON, just make web page containing this code:

// Connect to ESP8266-EVB events entry point 
var socket = new WebSocket('ws://');

// Send authentication message
socket.onopen = function () {
                User: 'olimex',
                Password: 'olimex'

// Switch relay on ESP8266-EVB
        function () {
                        URL: '/relay',
                        Method: 'POST',
                        Data: { Relay:1 }

We will speak more about ESP8266-EVB IoT Firmware on TuxCon  which is 11th of July in Plovdiv and there will be Hackathon on 12th of July for people who want to hack with it.


SoftUni Conf 2014 – Borovetz


SoftUni is unique Bulgarian creation made by Svetlin Nakov and his friends.

Bulgaria have one of lowest taxes in European Union – we pay just 10% profit tax and 10% income tax, which makes us attractive destination for foreign investments.

Many big and small companies opened offices here like HP, SAP, vmWare, Johnson Controls, Liebher, etc., on top of them we have some very successful local companies like Telerik, Datecs, Daisy Technology and many others who employ thousands of developers, even some companies from Russia moved their SMT assembly lines in Bulgaria due to the good business conditions.

This of course made great demand for qualified developers and last several years the salaries in IT sector went to the sky 🙂

The state owned Universities are not very flexible they work with obsolete programs and everything is hard to change there, so they couldn’t respond to this new demand sucessfully.

Svetlin saw business opportunity to educate young and motivated people, who want to work in the attractive IT sector and created his private education unit it was first aquired by Telerik and named Telerik academy then he separated himself in new structure named as Software University.


How it works: for many years Svetlin and his lectors accepted about 1000-1500 young people every year, then started extensive education and lot of tests works every week, these who fail on the test go out, so out of these 1500 people about 100-150 left at the end, but these who graduate become really good with programming skills.

How much this cost them? – Almost nothing to these who want to learn, the companies were waiting for developers and paying to Svetlin for every graduated student thousands of Euros for the education.

So it was win-win for both students and SoftUni – they learn almost for free and then get well paid job, he get paid from the companies for providing qualified developers!

Another thing I like about Svetlin is that he put all lectures of SoftUni online and everyone could watch the videos and learn from distance even without going to the SoftUni lectures.

Svetlin himself is quite colorful person, it’s never boring when he is around 🙂


His lectures are quite a show, but what he really can best is to motivate people to move forward and learn.


He know how to promote himself also, no wonder the president of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev came to SoftUni new year opening!


His competitors from the state Universities say that he do not produce well educated students, as in his University the emphasis is just on the practical skills, they teach students to PROGRAM and nothing else.

I still do remember my years in the University – out of 5 years education first 2 years we learned anything but what we entered the University for: Mathematics, Drawing with pencils, Chemistry, Resistance of Materials (yes we had to calculate bridges, now I wonder why) and tons of knowledge which now I surely forgot and have just basic remembering about them. This is totally excluded in the Software University. They do not even learn Math there (well learn just the essential stuff like vectors etc which have application in the graphics etc.). Is this good or bad the time will say, but it’s fact that people who finish Software University can start working in Software companies immediately. While these who graduate from normal Universities lack lot of practical knowledge.

In October SoftUni had conference in Borovetz and I was invited to present OLinuXino.

More than 300 young people were attending the conference.


I knew that the people there have mostly interest in Software so I was surprised by the interest which OLinuXino provoked among the students there.


A big crowd surrounded me after the lecture finish.

All pictures from the conference are at

The complete program is here.