Android scripts for OLinuXino


The Android images for our OLinuXino boards are not the stock images with the Allwinner SDK, some small things were changed to add support for our WiFi modules etc. We wanted to publish the sources for a very long time, but the files are 6 GB for each board and this is not easy to store and serve.

Now the configs are on GitHub with links to the Allwinner stock SDK sources so if you want to build your own Android image you have these as templates.

A13-OLinuXino software resources and A13-SDK

A13-SDK is 2.3GB tar file which contain Android ICS and Linux 3.x kernel sources. You can download it from

We ship all A13-OLinuXino-WIFI-DEV with pre-installed Android image and will upload on GitHub step by step instructions how you can upload to your NAND new image.

Preliminary Linux “how to” is at and another great source for A1x resources is at