Arduino split in court reveals how the project started and developed


Probably everybody already heard the story for the Arduino vs Arduino which was featured in two Hackaday articles here and here and later the Massimo Banzi statement in Makezine.

This is not first project started by ‘friends’ without paying too much attention to law details when partnership is formed and ending at court when the money come.

The most interesting for me was the link to the court documents in the comments under Makezine article.  US law system rocks and seems all documents are available in public online.

Reading the complaint you can actually see how Arduino project has started and developed during the years, which at least for me was very interesting.

IMO Smart projects now are out of business and do not differ in any way to the countless Chinese clone manufacturers.

It’s funny that he didn’t pay any money to rest Arduino team last year, so all people who actually bought ‘original made in Italy’ Arduino didn’t support the project at all but put their money in Gianluca’s pockets!