New Product in stock: STM32-405STK Cortex-M4 development board


STM32-405STK is based on our popular STM32-103STK board but we use now STM32F405RGT6 Cortex-M4 processor with 1MB Flash and 192K of RAM running at 168Mhz.

XMOS to give away 2500 starterkits with their XMOS 500MIPS chip


XMOS technology are to give away 2500 StarterKits with their xCORE multi core microcontrollers.

You can register here if you want to get one in December.

The starterkit is build around 500MIPS xCORE-Analog multicore microcontroller with eight 32bit logical processing cores.

To program it you can use the free xTIMEcomposer design tools which allow you to write application code using C / C++.

We are grateful to XMOS and really appreciate that they didn’ t put Arduino connector on their starterkit nor used Arduino compatible buzz words for them! All we see is small text which tell a potential application is to connect this starterkit to Raspberry Pi and use it to interface real time processes.