New Product in stock: STM32-H405 header board with Cortex-M4


STM32-H405 is small entry level board for those who want to learn the powerful Cortex-M4 devices. It uses the well known STM32-H103 design and layout but incorporate the newer and faster STM32F405RGT6 processor running on 168Mhz.

Building an ARMGCC, Eclipse, OpenOCD toolchain for Windows tutorials


Michael Moore sent us set of tutorials how to build ARMGCC, Eclipse, OpenOCD toolchain for Windows and how to debug STM32-E407 with ARM-JTAG-TINY-H.

Part1 – Introduction

Part2 – Setup ARMGCC

Part3 – Setup Eclipse

Part4 – Setup GDB / OpenOCD

New Product in stock: STM32-P405 development boards with Cortex-M4


STM32-P405 is based on our popular STM32-P103 board but we use now STM32F405RGT6 Cortex-M4 processor with 1MB Flash and 192K of RAM running at 168Mhz.

Gaute Hope uses OLIMEXINO-STM32 to explore seismic activity of Arctic Sea Ice


via Twitter: we spotted interesting project

Gaute Hope from University of Bergen uses OLIMEXINO-STM32 and Maple to explore the seismic activity of Arctic Sea Ice


pictures taken from his research paperwork

STM32-E407 is back in stock!


The popular STM32-E407 board is back in stock after long waiting for STM32F407 ICs they finally arrived 🙂



OLIMEXINO-STM32 is industrial grade -25+85C low cost Maple clone with capability to work on LiPo battery and including CAN driver.

SHIELD-LOL is Lot-Of-Leds multiplexing LEDs shield with 126 LEDs made in 14×9 matrix.
This shield originally was developed by Jimmie P Rodgers and you can find his original project and Arduino libraries here
When we saw this shield first time we fall in love with it, it was so simple and nice to play with, especially when we saw how Super-Awesome-Sylvia assembed it 🙂
What we didn’t like on the original design was that it uses only 3mm LEDs, so we made another one with 5 mm and 10 mm LEDs.
SHIELD-LOL is offered with SMT LEDs, with 3mm, 5mm, 10mm LEDs and in BLUE, GREEN, RED and WHITE colors.

Getting the Libraries and Examples:

The SHIELD-LOL library for the MAPLE IDE can be downloaded from:

Note: If you have an Arduino board, you can download the LOLDraw library as an addition to the official Arduino SHIELD-LOL library from the OLIMEXINO-328 product page:

Charliplexing.h – Library for controlling the charliplexed led board from Created by Alex Wenger, December 30, 2009. Modified by Matt Mets, May 28, 2010. Released into the public domain. Modified by Olimex to work with the Olimexino STM32 and the Maple IDE

LOLDraw – A library for drawing geometric primitives on the LOLShield (point, line, triangle, rectangle, circle, ellipse)

Installing the Libraries and examples

The libraries work with the OLIMEXINO-STM32 board + the SHIELD-LOL

How to install the libraries:

1) Make sure that the Maple IDE is not running
2) Copy the LoLShield folder to the /libraries folder of your Maple IDE installation folder
3) Start the IDE. The “LoLShield” examples should now appear under File/examples.
4) Include the libarries in your projects as such:
#include “Charliplexing.h”
#include “LOLDraw.h”
#include “Font.h”
#include “Draw.h”


The Charliplexing library uses Timer 2 to refresh the LEDs
There are more notes on timers and the porting process from AVR to ARM in the package README file.

The library includes three examples:

Rectangle animation – uses the LOLDraw library to draw an animated rectangle


CharliHeart – an example from the original Arduino LOLShield library

BasicTest – the basic test example from the original Arduino LOLShield Library




OLIMEXINO-STM32 is Arduino like board based, which works with MAPLE IDE.

Three new demo examples are uploaded on OLIMEXINO-STM32 web page:

1. Measuring temperature with K-type thermocouple and MOD-TC

2. Lot-Of-Leds (LOL) shield demo example – looke at this video what LOL is:, we have 3mm 5mm 10mm and SMT LED LOL shields and the PTH come in DIY kit form or completely assembled.

have fun 🙂

STM32-H407 low cost CORTEX-M4 development board in stock


STM32-H407 EUR 29.95 development board with STM32F407ZGT6 is now in stock.

The board have micro-SD card, USB host, USB-OTG, all ports break out on connectors and ARDUINO platform connectors.

MAPLE support for F4 is on the way, so this board will be one powerful Arduino alternative.



STM32-H407 is our new board with STM32F407ZGT6 168Mhz Cortex M4 microcontroller with 1MB of Flash, 192KB RAM.

This is OSHW design and once we validate the design the CAD files will be uploaded on GitHub.

STM32-F407 board have:
– Input DCDC power supply which allow operation from 6-16VDC source
– USB host
– micro SD card
– Reset and User buttons
– Arduino platform
– UEXT connector
– JTAG connector
– 4 full 32-bit Ports with the external memory bus for add-on modules

Here you can see STM32-H407 loaded with SHIELD-EKG/EMG:


After the prototype validation we will move this board for production and it will be available around end of May. The preliminary target release price is EUR 29.95

How to compile STM32 examples made with IAR EWARM, MDK-ARM, RIDE, TASKING and TrueSTUDIO

in Linux

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