Building an ARMGCC, Eclipse, OpenOCD toolchain for Windows tutorials


Michael Moore sent us set of tutorials how to build ARMGCC, Eclipse, OpenOCD toolchain for Windows and how to debug STM32-E407 with ARM-JTAG-TINY-H.

Part1 – Introduction

Part2 – Setup ARMGCC

Part3 – Setup Eclipse

Part4 – Setup GDB / OpenOCD

STM32-E407 prototypes are ready


STM32-E407 prototypes are ready: STM32F407ZGT6 Cortex-M4 210DMIPS, 1MB Flash, 196KB RAM processor with 100MBit Ethernet, 2 USB OTG, Arduino shield connectors, all GPIO ports breakout to 0.1″ connectors, UEXT, JTAG.

+6-16VDC power supply, battery backup connector