Tuxy-distro – 9MB minimalist embedded distribution based on OpenEmbedded and linux-sunxi


I received interesting link today.

Tuxy distro is a minimalist embedded distribution based on OpenEmbedded and linux-sunxi for Olimex OLinuXino Allwinner SoCs boards. It is used today on A20-OLinuXino-LIME.

Tuxy distro:


Last release:


Tuxy distro is complementary to ‘standard’ Debian and Ubuntu distributions as it is a minimal system (image archive is 9MB) and might interest people doing embedded or headless system.

FOSDEM 2015 – Upstream Allwinner ARM SoC (A10 / sunxi) support status lecture from Hans de Goede


FOSDEM 2015 videos are now online. For these who missed Hans de Goede lecture about Linux-Sunxi community efforts for upstream Allwinner ARM SoC support now you can watch the video here.

Hans works for Red Hat and is one of the very active Linux-Sunxi developers.

The slides are here.