RFID 13.56 Mifare Classic 1K tags with NXP MF1S50yyX/V1 chipset in stock


MOD-RFID1356MIFARE RFID reader / writter based on NFC PN532 chip was recently introduced but we had no tags for it.

Now we stock 5 different tags:

Product review: RFID solutions from OLIMEX. RFID readers and tags


Olimex offers RFID readers for two frequencies: 125kHz and 13.56Mhz.

MOD-RFID125 and MOD-RFID1356 are USB dongles which could emulate USB HID Keyboard and USB CDC Serial COM port. You switch easy between the two functions by pressing and holding the button on top of them for more than 3 seconds.

In USB HID Keyboard mode MOD-RFIDxxx acts like keyboard, as soon RFID tag is approached and read correctly MOD-RFIDxxx will send the RFID code as HEX string ending with Carriage Return. This allow your PC software to read RFID tags without using special functions just as reading input from your normal PC keyboard.

Note that MOD-RFIDxxx do not distruct your normal PC Keyboard work, so you can use both Keyboard and MOD-RFIDxxx at same time without conflicts.

If you want to read the tags in your software by Serial COM port no problem – press and hold the MOD-RFIDxxx button and it will detach the USB HID Keyboard and attach to USB CDC Serial COM port emulator, so you can read the tag info by reading the serial COM port.

Here below is picture of what happens in Notepad when MOD-RFIDxxx is attached to USB port and in HID keyboard mode, when tag is approached:


how many times to read and send TAG info is possible to setup in Serial port mode with special commands which are described in MOD-RFIDxxx users manual.

Here below is picture of what happens in Hyperterminal when MOD-RFIDxxx is attached to USB port and in CDC serial COM mode, when tag is approached:


MOD-RFID125-BOX and MOD-RFID1356-BOX have same functionality as MOD-RFID125 and MOD-RFID1356 but also are equiped with UEXT conector which allow them to be connected to any of our boards with UEXT like DuinoMite for instance.

In this mode you should power MOD-RFIDxxx with the external power supply and connect your board with UEXT cable then you can use the commands which are described in the MOD-RFIDxxx-BOX users manual to communicate.

Olimex have several different RFID-TAGs for 125 kHz and 13.56Mhz in these shapes:
ISO card:







Wirst Watch: