Updated Tizen Common Image for A20-OLinuXino-MICRO and Other Sunxi Devices


Leon Anavi created image for Tizen:Common for A20-OLinuXino-MICRO.

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TuxCon the FOSS Conference for Mobile and Embedded devices is less than 2 weeks away


TuxCon  is a community-driven event about free and open-source software for mobile and embedded devices. The event is organized by Plovdiv’s hackerspace Hackafe and the entry is free.

Saturday, 28th of June is the day for lectures: the schedule is available at TuxCon web http://tuxcon.mobi/#schedule

During the event there are two lectures where OLinuXino Open Source Hardware Linux computers will be discussed:


The first lecture is “Physical computing with Linux” in which it will be explained at a non-embedded developers level how to access all hardware resources from the Linux user space for OLinuXino like GPIOs, I2C, SPI, UARTs, the Power management – how to make your code aware of whether it runs on Battery or on Mains power supply, what is the temperature of the processor, is the battery charging or not, etc. It will also be explained how to connect sensors, how to connect steppers and servos, how to control them from Linux, how to setup a web server on OLinuXino, how to make all of the hardware resources, offered by this board, available via web interface as well as how to attach camera and do OpenCV processing, and more.


The Second lecture is “Linux driver” where it will be explained how a Linux Driver is created and there will be a step-by-step explanation of how a driver for new hardware like MOD-IO board connected to OLinuXino via UEXT is created. MOD-IO boards have relays and ADCs which will be made available for use in Linux user space via the written driver.

Of course there will be other interesting lectures about Android, FirefoxOS, Tizen etc.

Do not forget that on Sunday 29th of June at the Olimex training building we will run Hardware and Software Hackathons.


There will be a soldering workshop for the well-known FOSDEM Arduino clone board, where you will be trained how to solder alone your first Arduino and then program it and use it.

There will also be two Software tasks for the Hackathon:



To make fancy web interface for controlling an interactive RGB LED table: the RGB table have 8×8 RGB Leds which are addressable individually and four proximity sensors at the four sides which detect if someone sits on this side.



The second task is to do same for the Coctail-Mixing-Machine – it has 6 fluid pumps connected to the relays which could be opened/closed for a certain amount of time; controlling the volume of the drink in the recipe, flow sensors will give feed back if the fluid is flowing through the pipes; RGB addressable LEDs will be put under every bottle and pump which will make a LED animation while preparing the drink or will signal when the bottle is empty.

Both Hardware tasks will be performed with OLinuXino and all hardware resources will be available through User space APIs, so if you want to participate start thinking in advance and surprise us with your solution 🙂

Everyone who participates in the Hardware Hackathon will keep the Arduino board they built for themselves as a prize.

For everyone participating in the Software Hackathon there will be FOSDEM board prizes and the best solutions will win two A20-OLinuXino-MICRO.


Tizen 2.0 running on A10S-OLinuXino-MICRO-4GB


Leon continue his tests with the new Samsung OS Tizen 2.0 on A10S-OLinuXino and here is video he posted yesterday:


Leon is Tizen evangelist and he is playing with Tizen build for A10S-OLinuXino


Leon Anavi is member of Plovdiv’s hackerspace Hackafe.

He is Tizen evangelist and since he got his A10S-OLinuXino is playing to run Tizen on it.

For these who don’t know Tizen is the new Samsung OS which is very similar to Android and runs all its apps in HTML5 instead of Java.

As I blogged few months ago Samsung is filling their App store now and run competition for Tizen apps with $4 million of prizes https://developer.tizen.org/contests/tizen-app-challenge

The advantages to make apps for Tizen – it’s virgin land while Android and iPhone are overwhelmed with any apps in Tizen this is yet to happen and the possibility your app to shine and make break are much better.

Tizen is still much Work In Progress, and there is no real hardware for it, Samsung is spreading some Galaxy phones with Tizen firmware on it for selected developers, but actually it’s pretty easy to run Tizen on any ARMv7 device.

Leon made yesterday his first Tizen tablet using A10S-OLinuXino + A13-LCD7TS and send us picture on how it looks.

Tizen App Challenge – $4M in cash are waiting for the winners


Tizen OS seems to filling now their app store and to make this quicker run App Challenge. Backed by the deep pockets of Samsung and Intel this challenge have 4 Million USD as prizes for the winners. The Challenge ends in November so HTML5 developers hurry up with your apps if you want to take part in the competition.