Use Raspberry PI as Iceprog programmer for iCE40HX1K-EVB or iCE40HX8K-EVB


Andreas Seltenreich sent us message how he is using Raspberry PI to program his iCE40HX1K-EVB and we add to the wiki section.

New Tools to arrive in stock soon

ATN-GA1102CAL Oscilloscope 2 Ch 100Mhz 1Gsps:


ATTEN is Chinese manufacturer of low cost oscilloscopes, Spectrum analizers, Power suplies and Soldering tools. ATN-GA1102CAL is Dual channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope with 100Mhz bandwidth and 1Gsps with 40K point memory depth, 7″ Color TFT LCD and various trigger functions. USB host supports Flash disks and Printers, so you can capture and save or print your screen. We expect ATN-GA1102CAL to be in stock at the end of March.

Hand tools from Piergiacomi:


Piergiacomi Sud is well known Italian company – producer of hand tools for the electronics with 30 years history. All their products are designed and manufactured in Italy at their plant of Ascoli Piceno.

We are going to stock  4 of their professional grade popular products:

PGC-TR25 and PGC-TR30 flush cutters:


Lightweight and easy to use with cut force of 3.5 kg for PGC-TR25 and 5.0 kg for PGC-TR30 these cutters are perfect for electronic components.

flat, short nose pliers PGC-PN5004:


and precise strong tweezers PGC-00SA:


We are using Piergiacomi tools in our own production for more than 20 years after passing through many different manufacturers, we found that their price/performance ratio match our needs. Of course these are professional grade tools and you pay the cost to have such tool in your toolbox.

For beginners on budged who cut few component leads per month we are going to stock low cost amateur grade tools from China, their price is much lower than Piergiacomi equivalent.

Piergiacomi tools will be in stock first week of April.