ESP32-SBC-FabGL tested with RunCPM 5.7 and 6.0, TinyCPC Amstrad, TinyNes, TinyMCUME

When I posted about ESP32-SBC-FabGL some people start asking, will it run runCPM? will it run TinyNES so today I found some time and tested few projects found on GitHub:

tested RunCPM6 and RunCPM5.7 both works but there are few things to change: both require SdFat library but do not compile with latest library version 2.2.2. but compiles fine with earlier version of the library 2.0.1

Also in the ttgo_vga32_esp32.h you must change the SPI for SD card definition to:

#define SPIINIT 14,35,12,SS // TTGO_VGA32 (sck, miso, mosi, cs)
#define SPIINIT_TXT "14,35,12,13"

once this is set you have to prepare SD card with CPM – I recommend you to use this one:

as this one has plenty of software inside like WordStar, MBasic, Turbo Pascal, E editor, Z80asm assembler etc.

Another interesting repository is

I tested TinyNES

CPC Amstrad

So basically everything made for FabGL and TTGO VGA32 will run on ESP32-SBC-FabGL without any or with little change.

Turbo Pascal 3.0 running in your browser – JavaScript implementation of the Legendary Compiler


Yet another amazing JS project – :awrence Kesteloot implemented Turbo Pascal IDE in Web browser.

You can browse the demo project with D, load the project with W and run it with R.

Sure you can also make your own Pascal code and run it. Have fun!

Sweet memories with Pascal programming many many years ago, this was the first really useful Pascal compiler which I had my hands on, although there was restriction for the code to fit in one segment of 64KB there was work around for bigger programs to compile them as overlays and load dynamically…