A13-OLinuXino comparison to RPi, APC and CuBox


Gareth Halfacree is Freelance tech journalist writing for Linux User & Developer UK Magazine and co-author of “Raspberry Pi User Guide” book http://www.amazon.com/Raspberry-User-Guide-Gareth-Halfacree/dp/111846446X

After the Linux Conference in Barcelona this November where Radoslav Kolev presented OLinuXino he contacted us and asked for sample A13-OLinuXino to test, we sent him A13-OLinuXino-WIFI and yesterday he posted on Twitter some interesting comparison charts.

He is comparing: Raspberry Pi, VIA APC, CuBox, A13-OLinuXino and his desktop computer AMD A10-5800K by several features performance per: price, power, size.

First chart is performance per 5W: http://freelance.halfacree.co.uk/charts/armbenchmarks-power.html as you can see here VIA-APC have worst ratio, while AMD is with best and A13-OLinuxino immediately next to it with only 11% worse performance.

Second chart is performance per price: http://freelance.halfacree.co.uk/charts/armbenchmarks-price.html here CuBox is with worst ratio while A13-OLinuXino is again next to AMD desktop followed very closely by Raspberry pi.

Third chart is performance per size, knowing A13-OLinuXino 120×120 mm size I didn’t expect here to be an leader : http://freelance.halfacree.co.uk/charts/armbenchmarks-size.html here CuBox is on top and VIA APC is with worst rate

Overall A13-OLinuXino show very good performance/features ratio on these charts!