Building A20-OLinuXino-MICRO Debian image with hardware accelerated video


We made new image for A20-OLiniuXino which uses the hardware accelerated video. The process how to build the image is described here.

All you have to change is to use new Debian rootfs for point.8 from here.

and new script.bin for point.7 from here.

The complete image ready to write on SD-card is here.

New A10-OLinuXino-LIME image have full HD hardware acceleration


First LIME image was done in hurry and there is no hardware acceleration enabled, which dissapointed some of the first LIME owners if you read the comments 🙂

As many know recently Linux-Sunxi community successfully reverse engineered CedarX VPU and completely open source drivers for hardware accelerated video playback for A10 was done. The supported formats are just few for now but still something than nothing.

Dimitar made new image with hardware acceleration and here is video in Full HD format H.264 (MP4) playing on LIME:

we need now to do some testing and upgrade the image to our wiki 🙂