Gear motors and accessories for building robot cars are in stock


We got some new toys in stock for robot builders. The MG-12V-1:100-DE and MG12V-1:380-DE are gear motors for robot cars, working at 12V with 78 RPM and 300 RPM . Both have digital encoders which give two channel feedback for the rotation speed, used for identifying the speed and rotation direction. The MG-12V-1:100 and MG-12V-1:380 are lower cost alternatives to those motors but without encoders.

These motors can be attached to a flat surface with MG-FIX.


The MG-WHEEL-43mm are rubber wheels with diameter 43mm and a width 19 mm which attach directly to MG-6V and MG-12V gear motors.


The MG-WHEEL-65mm is rubber wheel with diameter 65mm and width 25mm. It requires a special MG-COUPLER.



New Products: Robot toy gear motors, wheels, chassis in stock!


We got new products in stock:

Gear Motors with 1:48 and 1:120 gear ratio, working on 6VDC:


65 mm x 25 mm wheels which couple to the gear motors above:


3-wheels and 4-wheels plexyglass chassis:


and of course battery holder which mounts to the chassis:


with these parts you can build complete 3-wheel chassis:


or 4-wheels chassis:


latter could be made with pair of high speed / lower torque and pair of low speed / higher torque  motors.

This is perfect moving platform for your next Arduino, Pinguino, Maple or OLinuXino project.