Open Fest is this weekend! Welcome to the TuxCon-Kitty SMT assembly and programming workshop in Saturday!


Open Fest conference is this weekend 4-5 of November! This is the biggest Bulgarian FOSS event.

Here is the program.

We will run the traditional soldering workshop in Saturday and will solder TuxCon-Kitt boards then learn how to program them. The workshop is free (as in Beer) to participate 😉 i.e. no money will be involved just your enthusiasm and motivation to learn new stuff.

TuxCon 2017 Open Source Hardware and Software conference will be 3-4 of June in Plovdiv


Just 70 days ahead is the 4th TuxCon conference in Plovdiv dedicated to Open Source Hardware and Software. For more info watch on conference page at

The entrance is free for all visitors. TuxCon is a community event and it is organized by volunteers.

3rd of June is the day for lectures and lighting talks, if you have something interesting to share please send your request to

On 4th of June we invite you to the traditional soldering hardware hackathon in Olimex training building.

FOSDEM 2017 is approaching, are you ready for soldering workshops and playing with TERES-I DIY Hacker’s friendly OSHW laptop?


FOSDEM is the biggest event in Europe about Open Source technologies.

Every year thousands of FOSS/OSHW enthusiasts and professionals meet in Brussels in ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) in 41 Dev Rooms and talk about interesting problems they have faced during the year.

We just got e-mail that Olimex is approved for booth there!

So prepare for soldering workshop fun with the OSHW-GHOST and FOSDEM-85!

TERES-I Do It Yourself Hacker’s friendly modular Laptop designed completely with KiCAD will be also present at the booth.

KiCAD developers are in EDA room and as far I heard there will be very interesting tutorials and how-to’s examples how to implement simple new commands and extensions to KiCAD for people who want to contribute code.

So plan in advance your flight to Brussels, we looking forward to see you there 4th and 5th of February 2017!

SoftUni camp Soldering workshop – 17th of August in Hisarrya


This week, right after our vacation we have been invited to make soldering workshop in SoftUni camp – the summer camp of the Software University.

More than 30 enthusiastic youngsters most of who have never worked with hardware assembled their first electronic boards and then learned how to program them with Arduino IDE.


The boards they assembled were: OLIMEXINO-85-KIT, FOSDEM-85 and SIMON-85-KIT

It was amazing that all of the boards were working at the end 🙂



TuxCon is only 86 days away :) with lot of interesting talks and workshops FPGA, Retro Computing, Robotics


TuxCon 2016 the conference for Open Source Software and Hardware technologies in Plovdiv is approaching.

In Saturday the organizers prepare dense program with 8 lectures, Lighting talks and ending with Free (not as in speech) Beer Party thanks to the event sponsors!

Edmund Humenberger ( is one of our confirmed speakers, he is Open Source evangelist worked as a Open Source Expert for the European Commission and do currently work on bringing an open source FPGA toolchain to the world.

Orlin Shopov is one of the software developers of Puldin computers manufactured back in 1988-1992 in Plovdiv. He accepted our invitation to come and speak and have idea to invite and bring all other people who were involved in the design and production of this unique 100% made in Bulgaria (no clone of Apple or Oric like Pravetz) retro computer. This will be celebration for all Retro Computer fans who come.

Many other talks are submitted and we wait more to come by May 15th when is the dead line.

In Sunday at Olimex building we will have two workshops:

First is for  FPGAs, with introduction which talks about how FPGAs are made, where they are used, the history around them, the different ways of programming, HD languages, with practical work – using iCE40 FPGA and Open Source tools you will be able to understand the design process flow and to write your first program in Verilog and run it on the board.

We will give away 10 boards to random people who attend this workshop, so you can challenge your luck!

The second workshop will be with Robotics topic and we will keep it surprise by now, but will include competition and will also have prizes.

We will make KiCAD workshop on HackConf 2015, 19-20 of September in NDK, Sofia


We have been invited by Hack Conf 2015 organizers to make workshop and will take this opportunity to make small workshop about the Open Source PCB CAD program KiCAD.

The workshop will get you introduced to KiCAD, the flow of work, component library creation, schematic capture, PCB layout. At the end of the work shop you will be able to make your first small PCB with KiCAD and to prepare files for manufacturing.

Bring your computer with you and download and install KiCAD before you come. KiCAD can be download from

Looking forward to see you there!

TuxCon 2015 – two days of fun and hacking


TuxCon is gone, but it was cool event with lot of talks about Open and Free Software and Hardware, lot of ideas exchange and many peoples learned new skills and stuff.

What you see above is the Saturday (July 11th) agenda. There were lectures about FreeCAD, Firefox OS, Arch Linux, Software testing tools, Crypto telephony, JavaScript Robots, IOT Firmware and etc.

The videos are already online.

The organizers made nice T-shirts:


which were delivered by someone RMS look-alike guy:


and even TuxCon branded cookies:


I tested them personally they were delicious 🙂

The Kirov hall where TuxCon lectures were present was full:


Peter present news around IoT Firmware for ESP8266:


there was live demo, with ESP8266-EVB connected to MOD-RGB8x8 display made by 6 bricks making 48×8 pixel display where messages from twitter were captured with hacktag #tuxconmobi and displayed in real time, making simple internet connected display. Needless to say this demo was done for 30 minutes and we forgot to put bad words filtering which was abused a little bit by someone 🙂

Twitter demo is on GitHub. Here is code snip how easy you can print on RGB display with JavaScript:

 function (tweet) {
    console.log('TWEET: [''] '+tweet.text+'\n');
       // User name and tweet text
       text:': '+tweet.text,
       // Color CYAN
       color: {r: 0, g: 1, b: 1}

At the end there were lighting talks, I spoke about our new Energy Efficiency module for ESP8266 and WIFI-triple power switch which allow 3 different appliances to be commanded through Internet and Javascript and module which logs on cloud your energy consumption.


At the evening there was beer party with free beer from TuxCon sponsors:


Sunday we continue with the practical part: SMT soldering workshop of binary watch:


Ultimate geek watch which show date and time in binary format and you can test how good are your friends in reading binary numbers.

For many people SMT part soldering seems like something very difficult, but it’s quite opposite, you can solder SMT parts very easily.

Everyone who came at the workshop built his own binary watch.

There were three easy steps: applying solder paste, placing the components on their places, soldering with hot air gun.

To apply the solder paste you have to put the PCB between some holders:


then to put stencil above and keep it in place with tape:


then to apply paste with rubber raquel, then to put all components on their places watching for the components which have polarity:


it’s easy, even girls can make it 🙂


… actually girls usually do it better 🙂

then solder the components with hot air watching to not put on fire the wooden desk, you can see we use ceramic tile for this purpose:


Some small components were lost, some plastic buttons were melted by the hot air, but otherwise everyone did good job and almost all binary watches worked!

Now looking around on the internet we got new idea how next TuxCon 2016 Tshirts should look аlike, and idea for the next workshop board with LEDs:


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