Embedded World 2015 is 26-28 of February in Nuremberg, Germany


Embedded World is the biggest European exhibition for development tools, boards, services for embedded market. This year the event will be from 24 to 26 of February.

We have small booth there in Hall 5 / 5-157 where we will show old and new boards and tools we have.

If you visit EW you are welcome to pass through our booth.

Embedded World 2014


Embedded World is biggest exhibition for development boards and tools.

This year we had small booth on it, and if you do wonder why your technical support questions got no answers last week, we were on Embedded World.

Here above are George and Lub on 25/02 in the early morning ready for the crowd which cames when the Exhibition is opened for visitors.

The show was really exhausting, thousands of people passed by our booth and for our surprise most of them (>95%) already knew for Olimex or used our boards, but just came to say “hi” or chat a bit about our new boards.


As expected the most of the interest was around the OLinuXino OSHW Linux computers:


We also show there the early prototypes of:

  • AM3352-SOM and EVB with two Ethernets, CAN, 4 USB hosts
  • A20-SOM + EVB with Gigabit Ethernet
  • A13-SOM + WiFi shield low cost IoT solution

Our plans were to return on 27/02 and to have the Friday Free Board Quiz and the Weekend Programming Challenge, but we fall in a bit of Adventure (damn Lufthansa! and returned back in Saturday 🙂 so I apologize we had to skip last week games.

Embedded World 2014 – Biggest event in Europe for Embedded Technology


Embedded World 2014 is approaching. This year it will be between February 25 and 27 as usual in Nuremberg Germany.

This year we have own small stand in Hall 5, where we will present what we did last year.

There of course will be free stuff and games but we will keep them in secret for now 😉

So if Embedded World is in your book do not forget to visit us in Hall 5 Stand 150.

Here is Hall5 plan:


And here is ZOOM of our Stand and our neighbors:


we will be next to Farnell (5-249), Fraunhofer (5-250) and the Hall bar area (5-248).

Embedded World have some entrance fee (about eur 15-20 IIRC) but we as exhibitor have some limited quantity free tickets for customers, so If you want to pass by our booth and need free ticket for Embedded send us e-mail.

Open Source Hardware allow Casual People to make innovations


Open Source Hardware is changing the world as we know it!

Sharing ideas and knowledge accelerate the innovations and the access to low cost 3D printing allow casual people to build stuff which they could only dream on about several years ago.

What http://robohand.net/ does is one example, this is low cost Prosthetic hand project which anyone with 3D printer can replicate or learn and modify at home.

This video show how cool is this

There are commercial solutions which pass all tests and certifications but cost $20-30 000, then what happen in the poor and less developed countries where this amount is fortune? With $1000-2000 3D printer you can print one Prosthetic hand which may be not so solid and fancy as the commercial solution but will work! and it will cost just $10 to make it!

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