LiPo shipment problems with Airmail



Ourr Aimail post service is delivered by DHL Global Mail. Yesterday we got notice that their scanner detected batteries in one of the shipment and they stop and return in back.

We have heard that some carrier refuse to deliver LiPo batteries are they are classified as dangerous goods, indeed LiPo batteries could cause fire if punched, LiPo are excluded as goods for DHL normal service too.

So far the road services like DPD and UPS Standard do not cause problems to ship batteries, but now we try to figure out how to exclude DHL and Airmail shipping as options when batteries are put in the basket for ordering. Until we come with solution we will just manually stop such orders, so please do not order batteries with DHL or Airmail unless you want your order to be put on hold.


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  1. Keeper
    Apr 25, 2014 @ 22:13:37

    Yeah, we’ve gotten into the habit of just applying the IATA-approved warning label on every shipment with LiPo batteries, even if the quantities don’t actually require it. The DHL USA site has links to the international guidelines:


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