Blueooth and Internet of things. Whaaat?


When I hear this for the very first time, I though OK these guys just have no clue, but this term comes again and again.

Yesterday Cypress had seminar about their PSoC BLE solutions which I participated and again I heard Internet of Things dozen of times.

C’mon guys how do you connect BLE sensor or device to Internet? -> With computer/gateway connected to Internet.

Then I can connect any sensor with USB or UART to computer and again make it visible to Internet, but I do not call any devices with USB or UART IoT devices!

If one device have no Ethernet or WiFi how does it connect to Internet???

BLE is good, it’s low power 2 to 5 meter wireless device which could even make mesh and this way to extend the range or wireless connectivity, but this is not Internet! So please stop this marketing buzz!

(BLE != IoT) period

Allwinner is fooling around Open Source Community


Linux Sunxi community found GPL licensee violations in Allwinner CedarX media codec library, these violations were reported to Allwinner – the result? Allwinner push in GitHub new binaries with stripped symbols to make it harder to detect the GPL violations. Shame on you Allwinner and this comes after all the marketing crap and high level management statements about how committed they are about Open Source!

More details on this drama you can read at here and here  cnx-software blog and at Phoronix.

Adafruit ranked #11 from top 20 US Manufacturers

limor 3

Adafruit is company which designs and makes electronic boards and tutorials about Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Despite of the common believe that to manufacture in USA is expensive and everybody has to move to China, they operate in one of the most expensive place on Earth –  New York, USA and prove that to make electronics is possible everywhere, when you have automatic assembly machines it doesn’t much matter if these machines work in China or USA.

I always though that Adafruit is smallish company until I read this article which says they are ranked #11 out of top 20 US Manufacturers!

Same article says Adafruit have 50+ employees and operate in 1500 square meters factory, so they really aren’t so big, so either article is wrong either other US Manufacturers are also small, which makes not much sense with the strong electronics industry in USA. Is the article wrong or I miss something?

EDIT: Vladimir pointed out in the comments that #11 is for NY not USA :) this makes sense!

Arduino split in court reveals how the project started and developed


Probably everybody already heard the story for the Arduino vs Arduino which was featured in two Hackaday articles here and here and later the Massimo Banzi statement in Makezine.

This is not first project started by ‘friends’ without paying too much attention to law details when partnership is formed and ending at court when the money come.

The most interesting for me was the link to the court documents in the comments under Makezine article.  US law system rocks and seems all documents are available in public online.

Reading the complaint you can actually see how Arduino project has started and developed during the years, which at least for me was very interesting.

IMO Smart projects now are out of business and do not differ in any way to the countless Chinese clone manufacturers.

It’s funny that he didn’t pay any money to rest Arduino team last year, so all people who actually bought ‘original made in Italy’ Arduino didn’t support the project at all but put their money in Gianluca’s pockets!

openSUSE for A10-OLinuXino-LIME and A20-OLinuXino-LIME2


from our forum Frank wrote:

I added full support for A10-OLinuXino-LIME and A20-OLinuXIno-LIME2 to openSUSE Factory. Find the installation instructions here: and here:

Currently supported desktops are E17, LXQT, XFCE and JeOS (text based). The default graphics device is on HDMI output, but also LCDs are supported. The board support is in openSUSE Factory, which is a rolling release, including 'Latest and Greatest' packet versions.

The packets are built by the openSUSE OBS Service ( whenever newer packets and their dependencies are available.

RMS says: We need Free Digital Designs!


Back in 1999 Richard Stallman had interview commenting on “Free Hardware” for Linux Today, where he says “freedom to copy software is social imperative, but freedom to copy hardware is not so important as hardware is hard to copy”

SO even man with such visionary as RMS didn’t understand quite well why people would have motive to make Free Hardware Designs (also known as Open Source Hardware Designs).

Somewhere else he also have said something like: “We do not need imperatively free hardware, but well documented hardware” to may write proper software for it. Looking from Software point of view he is probably right, but he was missing something important: Free/Open Source Hardware is not done just to allow other to replicate it. It serves much deeper goals.

  • Spreading knowledge – when people have access to the design files they can learn how the original author created this hardware and study the design from inside.
  • Getting vital feed back and improving the design – the author who opens everything can get free expertise from many other people who works on same problem and thus to combine the knowledge of the community about this. In long run product which is collaboratively developed is with better specs and features than the one who is done in closed company.
  • When your hardware is with open specs this gives your customer additional value – they know everything about your hardware, they are not dependent from single source of manufacturing, they can modify and customize for their need. All else being equal OSHW design will be preffered and gives more value to the customer.
  • By opening the designs you give access to the technology to casual people who can innovate and no need to be big companies with lot of money. Just have look at what 3D printing and Arduino did.

This is why it was nice to see the evolution with RMS view on the Open Source / Free Hardware which he published in Wired yesterday named: Why we need free hardware designs?

In this article RMS says:

We need free digital hardware designs!
Free hardware designs offer practical advantages. Multiple companies can fabricate one, which reduces dependence on a single vendor.
Having circuit diagrams or HDL code makes it possible to study the design to look for errors or malicious functionalities (it is known that the NSA has procured malicious weaknesses in some computing hardware).

If you design hardware, please make your designs free.


Although naming “Free Hardware Design” what we know more popular as Open Source Hardware, RMS correctly spots the advantages vs closed non-free Hardware Designs.


Google Code shutting down


Seems the popularity of GitHub disrupt all similar services, SourceForge is on resuscitation for years and although not closed it’s barely used just for legacy projects. Google Code is in same situation, so Google decided to cut the agony and close it.

They stopped to accept new projects and the site functionality will be keep same till August 2015 then it will be put in read only mode and early in 2016 completely shut down. There is new tool which allow you to export your project to GutHub

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