SoftUniConf 2015


SoftUni Conf 2015 – October 30th to November 1st is technology event for programming and IT technologies. At same time it’s team building event for the students in the Software University.

Two days with lectures and events – the program is at SoftUni Conf site.

Although software even there will be few talks for Hardware too and in Sunday from 13.10 will be our lecture there for “Wearable electronics”.

We will discuss the problems and development of wearable hardware which to run 24/7 and to monitor and log human activities like movements, temperature, pulse, muscle tonus, brain activity etc. which to be analyzed later.

PlovDev 2015 – One day free technology conference is next Saturday 10/10


Next Saturday is 3rd issue of PlovDev – single day IT conference.

The event is organized by Proxiart and Hackafe and will be held in Hotel Trimontium.

More info about the lectures can be seen on PlovDev site.

Olimex is invited for lecture and there we will disclosure one of the projects we work now – SOM204 and SOM68 modules. The idea behind is totally interchangeable SOM modules with pre-defined singnals on connectors with 204 (DDR memory connector) and 68 (M.2 connector) pins, with many different processors which can be used on one single mother board, this way you can have always latest and most modern SOC to work on your hardware project/board and to not worry for given processor obsolence. Each time new processor appear SOM204 and SOM68 modules will be designed and you can keep your “mother board” always same but to use latest technology, speed and resources the new devices offer.

Looking forward to see you there!

New Project: freoMOST – Free and Open Microcontroller Operating System Tool


freoMOST is free and open Microcontroller Operating System Tool. It is designed to develop embedded system applications for 16 and 32 bit MCUs without MMU and with at least 16 KB RAM and 64 KB FLASH, better more.

Here is detailed video how to install freoMOST.

sent via Project page.

New Project: Driving MAX7219 Serial LED Matrix with OLIMEXINO-85

Olimexino 1

MAX7219 is simple serial shift in/out with LED driver. In this project Mr. Paolo PerCdS demonstrates how 8×8 LED matrix can be driven serially with OLIMEXINO-85

sent via Project page.

New Product: Electromagnetic Door-Lock


DOOR-LOCK is electromagnetic door lock. It operates with 12V DC, when power is applied the door lock pin is moving inside housing, when power is released the pin is moving out by spring.

With SNS-FINGERPRINT and DOOR-LOCK you can make complete access system with logging with platform of your choice – ESP8266, Arduino or OLinuXino.

New Product: Optical Fingerprint sensor SNS-FINGERPRINT adds fingerprint recognition to your next project


SNS-FINGERPRINT is optical fingerprint sensor which will make adding fingerprint detection and verification very simple. Inside there is DSP chip that does the image rendering, calculation, feature-finding and searching. You can teach the sensor for fingerprint images and up to 1000 images can be stored in the internal Flash memory. There’s a red LED in the lens that lights up during a photo so you know its working. In image search mode the sensor compare the current scanned image with the stored database and if images match it sens index number of the stored image which match the current scanned fingerprint.All communication is done by UART.

ESP8266 IoT firmware plug and play detects if SNS-FINGERPRINT is connected to UEXT uart so you can make wireless door access system very easy using just Javascript programming.  We also have demo in Arduino C++ and OLinuXino Python3 so you can access this sensor with any of our development boards.


Android scripts for OLinuXino


The Android images for our OLinuXino boards are not the stock images with the Allwinner SDK, some small things were changed to add support for our WiFi modules etc. We wanted to publish the sources for a very long time, but the files are 6 GB for each board and this is not easy to store and serve.

Now the configs are on GitHub with links to the Allwinner stock SDK sources so if you want to build your own Android image you have these as templates.

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