New Open Source Hardware KiCAD project – MOD-MPU9150 9-axis motion tracking device with gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer


MOD-MPU9150 is 9-axis motion tracking device with 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer in small 4×4 mm package.

Possible applications: Motion-enabled game and application framework, gesture recognition, portable gaming, 3D remote controls, 3D mice, wearable sensors for fitness and sports, toys, navigation, electronic compass.

Features are:

  • 3-axis gyroscope ±2000°/sec
  • 3-axis accelerometer ±16g
  • 3-axis magnetometer ±1200μT
  • I2C interface

The female connector can connect directly to boards with UEXT creating small wearable devices which can track gestures etc:



PCB files are designed with KiCAD and the project is Open Source Hardware with files on GitHub released under Apache 2.0 Licensee

Nice LIME box made with laser cutter


via Twitter

Ekaitz Zárraga posted nice project how he made LIME enclosure with laser cut and posted the details here.

New Open Source Hardware KiCAD project board in stock: MOD-OLED-128×64


MOD-OLED-128×64 is low cost, low power, high contrast LCD display with UEXT connector which allow to be used with any of our OLinuXino and Arduino boards.

The LCD panel control is done via I2C thus only 4 wires are necessary Vcc 3.3V, GND, SCL and SDA.

The power supply required is only 1 uA in sleep mode, 200 uA in operating mode and 7mA in display ON mode.

View area is 21 x 11 mm.

MOD-OLED-128×64 can be used on Breadboard too. For this purpose 4 pin header is provided which could be soldered on the back of the board.




KiCAD files are on GitHub, Python code to work with any of our OLinuXino Linux board is provided, also code for Arduino.

TuxCon conference – only 10 days left


Just 10 days left till TuxCon conference in Plovdiv!

For these who didn’t hear yet: TuxCon is a free community event about free and open-source software for Internet of Things, mobile, embedded and wearable devices.

In Saturday 11th of July there will be lectures and Lighting talks. Peter Valkov from Olimex will talk about ESP8266-IoT Firmware and six other lecturers are registered.

In Sunday 12th of July we will have Hackathon at Olimex training building including  IoT workshop with ESP8266 and SMT components soldering workshop.

The Help day for June and July will be combined with this event, so if you have questions how to use our boards or want help from our developers they will be available all day long.

New Product in stock: DC-DC step down converter from 9-36V to 5/12V


DCDC-36-5-12V module was build due to the lot of requests we got from customers who use OLinuXino and other our boards in Automotive applications.

Some trucks have 24V battery power supply and the 6-16VDC input of A20-OLinuXino-MICRO is not enough, as well the other boards which work on 5V.

So we had to design effective step down power supply which work up to 36V as automotive power bug may have power supply spikes up to 30 and up volts.

DCDC-36-5-12V output is fixed either to 5V either to 12V in first case input power supply may be in range 9-36VDC in second 15-36VDC.

New Open Source Hardware Product in stock: ESP8266-EVB-BAT with build-in LiPo charger and step up converter


ESP8266-EVB-BAT is further enhancement of ESP8266-EVB. It’s with dimensions 51.3 x 56.6 mm and with shape to fit in Hammond Box 1593KBK.

The version of this board in box is named ESP8266-EVB-BAT-BOX is perfect if you want to make handheld WiFi gadgets :

The relay connector is Wago two part connector, which allow easy to connect and disconnect.

As name saysESP8266-EVB-BAT is exclusively designed to may work on battery. It have input voltage sense, build-in intelligent charger for LiPo battery and battery connector, so you can use any of our existing LiPo batteries for your next handheld WIFI device.

The battery charges can charge with 200 or 400mA and selectable by SMT jumper on the board. On board there is also step-up converter which provide 5V power supply to the relay and module. So if battery is attached and external power is applied the charger will charge the Lipo battery to maximum, then if external power is cut the battery will automatically supply power to the board. GPIO16 input is connected and sense external power supply.

ESP8266-EVB-BAT have two connectors: UEXT connector which allow Olimex UEXT modules to be connected and driven by IoT-Firmware using simple HTML/JavaScript and CON1 where all ESP8266 resources are available together with charger circuit signals and power supply.


A64 the first Cortex-A53 chip from Allwinner is now in production and cost only $5 in volume


In January 2015 Allwinner announced that start working on their Cortex-A53 chip with name A64. Today we got notice that A64 now is in production and ready for ordering.

A64 target is tablets, it have quad core Cortex-A53 inside, with Mali400MP2 GPU, supports MIPI, RGB, LVDS, HDMI with 4K output. The video engine supports H.264 and H.265 encoding and decoding, Audio codec and 5Mpix camera sensor.

The connectivity is weak – no native Ethernet, but just USB-OTG and USB-Host, SPI, I2C, UARTs and LRADC.

The price is again smashing $5 for the A64 SoC probably this is the lowest cost Quad Core Cortex-A53 chip on the market.

A64 comes in small sexy 13×13 mm BGA443 package with 0.5 mm step which makes PCB escape a little bit expensive and minimum 6 Layer PCB design with quite demanding technology.

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