TuxCon 2019 is this weekend in Plovdiv


This weekend we are looking forward to welcome you at TuxCon 2019, the Open Source Hardware and Software conference in Plovdiv.

In Saturday we will be in Technical University (ul. Tzanko Dustabanov 25) in Halls “Dennis Ritchie” and “Bjarne Stroustrup”. There will be total 16 talks split in both hall. The event starts 10.30 o’clock, see the program here. At the end of the day there will be Quiz with many prizes, some of them will be Olimex boards.

In Sunday we will be in Olimex trainig building starting 11.00 o’clock. We will have traditional soldering workshop for both total beginners and people with experience who want to polish SMT soldering. It’s good if you have your own soldering iron to bring it with you as we have limited numbers of soldering irons for the workshop.

OpenFest 2018, LoRa technology and OSHW


First OpenFest was back in 2003, so this year this open source technology event had 15 years anniversary! As always it was nice place to see and talk to interesting people.

Vasil Kolev opened with nice retrospection on how the event started, the challenges to make it (OpenFest is one of the few events which builds all infrastructure, video, networking etc by the organizers and do not use external service providers) and how it evolved in the years to become the most popular open source event in Bulgaria.


Since 2011 Olimex was making traditional soldering workshop on every OpenFest. Lot of people held soldering iron for a very first time at these workshops, many of them got interested and continued with hardware. One of these guys is Leon Anavi, who got very commited to Open Source Hardware and start releasing his own boards! This year Leon, who is also the major motor behind Tuxcon conference in Plovdiv made the Soldering Workshop at Openfest!




All the lecture videos will be uploaded soon at OpenFest.org.

My slides are already at Slideshare



Open Source / Free Software for Effective Industry 4.0 Meetup by Nexedi GmbH and Fraunhofer IAO on November 12th, 2018 in Stuttgart with Amarisoft, Linutronix, Olimex and Télécom ParisTech


On 12th of November in Stuttgart at Fraunhofer IAO (Nobelstraße 12, 70569 Stuttgart, GERMANY) will be held “Open Source / Free Software for Effective Industry 4.0 Meetup”  organized by Nexedi GmbH and hosted by Fraunhofer IAO.

Olimex will present there Open Hardware solutions for Industrial Automation.



New products in stock: ESD proof PCB panel holders


When you deal with PCB assembly you need to move PCBs or panels through different operations like AOI, Test etc. To move the PCBs you need ESD proof, strong and reliable PCB holders. Most of the PCB Holders on the marked are made by plastic, which scratch, bend when placed in dry oven and so on. We have designed three types of PCB Holders which we use in our own production and now offer for sale.

PCB-HOLDER-6 can hold up to 39 PCB/Panels they are spaced at 10 mm. The Holder is with total size 400x120mm and there are two wings which hold the PCBs and are 20mm high so you can easily slide your fingers under the Holder and lift it easily:


We have one bigger size PCB-HOLDER-10 which can hold PCBs which are bigger than 150mm wide:


PCB-HOLDER-10 also can hold up to 39 panels/PCBs and you can slip your fingers under it:


PCB-HOLDER-Z has Z shape and has additional side holder which prevent PCBs to move during the transportation:


PCB-HOLDER-Z is very easy to manipulate.


All PCB Holders are made by Zinc galvanized steel against rusting.

TERES-I Laptop 3D plastic models are on GitHub


Yesterday we got great news.

One of our customer has been working to 3D capture the TERES-I plastics for a while and he uploaded on GitHub and released the files GPLv3+ and the CC by SA 4.0 License.

Now you can print your own plastics and modify them for your own needs.

TuxCon 2018 teaser ;)


There are only 12 days to TuxCon 2018!

What you see above is the minibot we will solder on the workshop in Saturdy. It’s only 3×4 cm, Arduino programmable and can follow line or escape labyrinth.

The workshop is free of charge to participate but we have limited 50 seats, so it’s good to register in advance with email to info@olimex.com.

In Saturday at the KiCad workshop you will be able to design and layout your first PCB and we will use the minibot schematic to do this. So you will make your own PCB for this robot and route by yourself.

Dimitr Gamishev will make Home automation workshop in Saturday and will show you how you can switch on and off appliances with Amazon Alexa. For these who do not have this handy device, he will guide you step by step how you can make your own Alexa device with ESP32 or OLinuXino like this one on the video below made with A64-OLinuXino:


We have another nice surprise for TuxCon.

Josef Prusa from Prusa Research the inventor of the famous Prusa 3D printers with two colleagues will come to TuxCon and demonstrate their 3D printers.



Hackaday Belgrade 2018 is this weekend 26th of May. Get ready for Retro Computing BASIC badge hacking.


This weekend 26th of May Hackaday will have their second conference in Belgrade.

You can see the program here.

The conference badge is cool retro computer running BASIC. There will be badge hacking workshop so we will get with us some PIC-KIT3s .

I will have talk about how we hacked Soldering robot with ugly programming interface with TERES-I laptop and FPGA / Sigrok and how we replaced the soldering robot brain with OLinuXino-MICRO, so now it’s ready to take CAD CNC files and use fiducials and do AOI inspection after soldering.


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