RabbitMax another Open Source Hardware project from Plovdiv is on Indiegogo


Leon is Open Source enthusiast and active member in Hackafe (the local hackerspace) and TuxCon.

He is mostly involved with software development, but recently made his first steps in hardware designing Raspberry Pi add-on board he named RabbitMax. Here is the GitHub repo.

He is running successful Indiegogo campain and made 65% funding out of his humble EUR 512 (! how this number came to his head is mistery for me??) goal for 3 days!

You can be sure you will have unique board as he is soldering them all by himself, it’s like personal signature!

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  1. Leon Anavi
    Nov 04, 2016 @ 13:42:13

    Olimex are a bit shy so I will share the full story: I am software engineer and I soldered for the first time in my life under the guidance of Tsvetan Uzunov and Mitko Gamishev during Olimex workshop at FOSDEM couple of years ago. After that I was inspired by Tsvetan’s talks about open source hardware at FOSDEM, OpenFest, Hackaday Belgrade, etc. Thanks to all lessons learned from his presentations I bought an awesome hobby soldering iron from Olimex and insisted on using the free and open source software KiCAD for the PCB design of RabbitMax Flex.

    As a software engineer I wanted a round number for the IndieGoGo target. I had to choose between 512 or 1024 and finally I decided to go for the more modest goal 😉 Btw all the details about RabbitMax Flex are available here: https://igg.me/at/Rzjuluvxe6Y/x/10833949

    Olimex, huge thanks for the inspiration as well as for your great development boards and tools!


  2. Slackstick
    Nov 13, 2016 @ 22:20:39

    Please inform the funders that they should not use the relay output with AC mains. Creep distance seems to be about 2.5mm which is far less than required likely 5.5mm for safety reasons!


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