Turbo Pascal 3.0 running in your browser – JavaScript implementation of the Legendary Compiler


Yet another amazing JS project – :awrence Kesteloot implemented Turbo Pascal IDE in Web browser.

You can browse the demo project with D, load the project with W and run it with R.

Sure you can also make your own Pascal code and run it. Have fun!

Sweet memories with Pascal programming many many years ago, this was the first really useful Pascal compiler which I had my hands on, although there was restriction for the code to fit in one segment of 64KB there was work around for bigger programs to compile them as overlays and load dynamically…

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  1. funlw65
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 16:31:21

    I had it for awhile in CP/M for Z80… but then I got a 7.0 version for PC, full of bugs (binaries deteriorated by a virus?), both pirated. Now we can have freepascal, lazarus, fp and Turbo Vision library for free.

    But good memories, of course. A friend of mine helped me to migrate from BASIC to the Turbo Pascal way of thinking. The painful migration to C I did it by myself and because I wanted to have a legal possession over my C compiler, I got also my first linux distribution, Slackware 3.0 – I unsuccessfully tried to convince my employer to switch to it: I had zero chances as there was the freshly Win95 OS on 3.5″ floppy disks (crashing constantly, of course).


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