We give away 1000 boards worth EUR 25000 on Embedded World 2016 – 23-25 of February in Nuremberg Germany – the biggest event in Europe for development boards and tools


Embedded World 2016 is as usually held in Nuremberg, Germany in February.

We are there exhibiting in hall 2, booth 2-651.

What we will show you there?

Our super duper new Internet of Things WiFi-PLUG, WiFi-SWITCH and WiFi-Dimmer, all of them based on ESP8266 and allowing easy to setup Home Automation. They work with mains power supply 85-240VAC 50/60Hz and are with small 40 x 35 x 12 mm so can fit inside existing power supply sockets.

Also we will show you our new BLE development boards and Bluetooth audio.

And of course there will be our Open Source DIY Laptop powered by A64-OLinuXino.

For these who remember several times we give away free boards on Embedded World.

This year will be no exeption. We are planning promotion together with Microchip and work on new board with their PIC32MZ0512EFE064-I/PT which will have these features:

– PIC32MZ running at 200 MHz/330 DMIPS, MIPS Warrior M-class core
– Flash 512KB
– RAM 128 KB
– 4x SPI 50Mbps, 4x I2C up to 1Mbps, I2S, 6x UARTS 25 Mbps
– temp sensor +-2C
– USB host HIGH Speed
– ADC 12bit, 24 channels, 18 Msps
– 9x PWM
– 10/100 Mb Ethernet
– OLED 128×64 pixels
– Analog input for microphone
– Analog output for headphones
– micro SD card
– industrial grade -25C+85C

This board will be add to our web shop after the show and will be priced at EUR 25.00 but note! On Embedded world we will give away free of charge 1000 of these worth EUR 25 000!

How you can get one?

Past experience show that people like to get freebies even if they have no use of them, small kids, 70 years old developers, all they came to our booth and ask for free boards, but we doubt they use the boards afterward which is pitty.

This board is quite good with industrial temperature specs, 18Msps ADCs, and fast UARTs, SPIs, I2Ss, so we really do not want these boards to go to someone who will have no use of them and just will let the board collect dust in the table corner, so if you want to get one of these boards send us to info@olimex.com email with link to web page with project you already have done with other Olimex boards.

Interesting projects and open source projects will have advantage, so please think twice before submitting your blink LED done with something :))).

We will confirm with email back that we have booked board for you which you can take on Embedded World.

If you have no ticket let us know we will generate free ticket for you as exhibitor we can do this, these tickets otherwise are expensive, so prepare yourself well 🙂

For these who do not have chance to come to Embedded World, but still have interesting project, if the project is interesting enough we can decide to cover shipping by post. The boards which will be shipped by post will be shipped after Embedded World i.e. about end of February.

The last date to send us link with your project is February 22nd.

12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Radu - Eosif Mihailescu
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 16:11:06

    Having a board with both Ethernet and sound (and both working with readily available software — be that Linux or BSD) would be awesome, looking forward to seeing it in the shop.

    The onboard sound on the iMX.233 MINI is plagued with either lack of support in recent kernels (output) and chip errata (input). I ended up using an external USB soundcard instead which increased the BOM and the total price of the product.


  2. Ivan
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 17:17:29

    Where can one find more info about: “Our super duper new Internet of Things WiFi-PLUG, WiFi-SWITCH and WiFi-Dimmer”. Seems they are so new, they are even not available on your website 🙂


    • OLIMEX Ltd
      Jan 20, 2016 @ 17:21:24

      these are new product which are run in small series to test and remove bugs 🙂 indeed they are not on the web, but ESP8266 firmware on GitHub supports them already


  3. Harald
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 18:21:57

    Great initiative – and very clever to ask what people will be doing with the gift! However I’m curious: I asked you at info@olimex.com about a HW donation (for open source driver development) a few weeks ago and didn’t get an answer back. So I do wonder: What is the magic formula to be considered? 😉

    Maybe the HW I asked was too expensive or maybe it’s because I probably won’t make it to Embedded World 2016 and you would need to cover the shipping? Anyway, getting feedback to such inquiries is almost as appreciated as getting the HW.


    • OLIMEX Ltd
      Jan 20, 2016 @ 18:30:31

      you didn’t read well, we do not ask people what will do with the board but ask them what they already did with such boards so far, so we make sure these boards land in good hands, we get about 300-500 e-mails per day if you do not get reply in2-3 days this e-mail may be lost or in spam folder, we see sometimes glitches in our web site hosting company few days ago olimex.com was not accessable for few minutes


  4. Александр Луцай (@SL_RU_Dev)
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 19:22:20

    Interesting, but how goes your laptop development?
    It hasn’t been any post about it for a while =c


  5. progmetalbg
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 20:01:57

    Too bad PIC32MZ0512EFE064-I/PT has only 128 KB SRAM. It would have been a perfect platform for LiteBSD if it had 512KB 😦
    On the brighter side it may run RetroBSD 🙂


  6. zoobab
    Jan 21, 2016 @ 09:01:32

    There seems to be a GCC for PIC32:


    “There is SDCC for 8-bitters, and MPIDE compiler or vanilla MIPS GCC for PIC32.”


  7. Heinz
    Jan 21, 2016 @ 19:25:43

    Olimex on twitter today:
    “Microchip decided to upgrade PIC32 to version with CAN!”


  8. Bobby
    Jan 21, 2016 @ 19:39:34

    “to get one of these boards send us to info@olimex.com email with link to web page with project you already have done with other Olimex boards.”

    Does it have to be project with microcontrollers or it can be also with OLinuXino?
    For example can I participate with home NAS/torrent box/personal cloud built with A20-OLinuxino or it have to include some MCUs like DYI weather station for example?


  9. Trackback: Microchip Introduces MPLAB Xpress Cloud-based IDE and MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board
  10. SK
    Jan 25, 2022 @ 21:44:19

    Hey there, more than a few years later 🙂

    What happened with WiFi-Dimmer? I am wondering whether it was using something like https://www.cnx-software.com/2022/01/25/sonoff-zbmini-l-zigbee-3-0-smart-switch-works-without-neutral-wire/ to power itself with no neutral wire? (How does those things work?)


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