First ESP32-DevKitC development kits in Europe will be in stock next week


We have good news! The first ESP32 development kits in Europe will be next week for sale in our shop.

The quantity is very limited due to the high demand Espressif still can’t fill all the orders they got, so we will got less than 100 to start with.

If your WiFi project needs to go to next level and you want WiFi +BLE in same package ESP32 is the right device for you.

The technical resources are here. Due to the limited supply we will not process orders in which basket is put more than one ESP32-DevKitC, please give chance to more people to evaluate 🙂

The price is EUR 17.00

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  1. SK
    Oct 11, 2016 @ 09:41:17

    Are we expecting Olimex-made ESP32 boards/modules or you are staying out of the hype this time (there are more than a couple of USB-enabled prototype boards already).


  2. rudi ;-)
    Oct 12, 2016 @ 03:59:29


    is this the updated version or the version with the design bug in Uart ?
    can we use it as auto upload or does we need toogle the button?

    We must with this version.
    Hold down IO0 button.
    Run ‘make flash’ or
    Release IO0 button once flashing starts

    Can you confirm this
    and iIf you want a more convenient button, wiring up a button that switches IO0 to GND will work then ..

    or is this the updated Core boards and won’t have this bug, they’ll automatically reset into flashing mode when required.?

    thanks for clarivation this.

    best wishes
    rudi 😉


  3. rudi ;-)
    Oct 15, 2016 @ 16:46:53

    if you have still problems with this kit
    you can contact me for the nano32
    you can get more as enough.

    they are in germany now.
    you do not need to post this public
    you can post like you want.

    this is a service from me to you.
    if you test kit and you can not offer this to buyer.

    best wishes and friendly greetings to you guys!
    you can contact me directly too

    rudi 😉


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