New Open Source Hardware Product in stock: ESP8266-EVB-BAT with build-in LiPo charger and step up converter


ESP8266-EVB-BAT is further enhancement of ESP8266-EVB. It’s with dimensions 51.3 x 56.6 mm and with shape to fit in Hammond Box 1593KBK.

The version of this board in box is named ESP8266-EVB-BAT-BOX is perfect if you want to make handheld WiFi gadgets :

The relay connector is Wago two part connector, which allow easy to connect and disconnect.

As name saysESP8266-EVB-BAT is exclusively designed to may work on battery. It have input voltage sense, build-in intelligent charger for LiPo battery and battery connector, so you can use any of our existing LiPo batteries for your next handheld WIFI device.

The battery charges can charge with 200 or 400mA and selectable by SMT jumper on the board. On board there is also step-up converter which provide 5V power supply to the relay and module. So if battery is attached and external power is applied the charger will charge the Lipo battery to maximum, then if external power is cut the battery will automatically supply power to the board. GPIO16 input is connected and sense external power supply.

ESP8266-EVB-BAT have two connectors: UEXT connector which allow Olimex UEXT modules to be connected and driven by IoT-Firmware using simple HTML/JavaScript and CON1 where all ESP8266 resources are available together with charger circuit signals and power supply.


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  1. Asbjørn Mikkelsen
    Jun 30, 2015 @ 16:49:23

    The product page for ESP8266-EVB-BAT-BOX says it includes MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV, but I guess it really includes ESP8266-EVB-BAT?, which also includes MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV right?

    Or, is ESP8266-EVB-BAT-BOX not at all the same as ESP8266-EVB-BAT excluding the box?


    • OLIMEX Ltd
      Jun 30, 2015 @ 16:57:31

      correct boxed version is ESP8266-EVB-BAT assembled in plastic enclosure with milled front and back panels, both EVB-BAT and EVB-BAT-BOX include in them MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV with mother board with relay etc.


  2. ignat99
    Jun 30, 2015 @ 21:54:33

    The solution for many projects. We can only plug into the socket – the battery, solar panel and necessary sensors and modules.


  3. SK
    Jul 01, 2015 @ 11:09:16

    Why not use cheaper boxes, there are many BG producers. You can get great prices for plain and simple boxes like these for example:
    (Компоненти -> Кутии, други from the menu on left).


    • OLIMEX Ltd
      Jul 01, 2015 @ 11:17:00

      because quality of these boxes is junk


      • SK
        Jul 01, 2015 @ 18:34:51

        Well, in one interview you said you know some guy doing plastic things (yeah I stalk you a lot 😀 ) – maybe you could custom order something per your exact needs and specifications.

        Because you would agree that +54% on the price seems like a lot for a box (I know that aside from the box itself there is milling, drilling, assembly by hand and etc. but still).

        Maybe you can have 3-4-5 different “standart” sizes for your boards and order some nice custom boxes in these sizes in volume. Like the cardboard boxes you use for shipping 😉

      • OLIMEX Ltd
        Jul 01, 2015 @ 20:20:57

        the sale volumes do not justify making custom enclosure, with the current setup we have one worker cant mill drill etc more than 50-60 boxes per day this is why for LIME we decided to go with laser cut panels but they are not good solution either, if someone have better idea not involving spending 10-15 000 euro for 4 pcs plastic injection tools for custom box I would love to hear 🙂

  4. leonanavi
    Jul 03, 2015 @ 12:31:26

    Fantastic! I have been looking for something like this and a nice box 🙂 Well done! Soon I will buy one and try it out 🙂


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  6. Christian
    Aug 21, 2015 @ 13:29:56

    I am not sure from the pictures – does the battery fit inside the box as well?


    • SK
      Aug 21, 2015 @ 15:28:52

      Possibly, not, if you don’t force some solution yourself (there seems to be some space left in the box, but very little) – the BAT connector is exposed outside of the box.


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