STMP157-OLinuXino-LIME2-IND status update April 2021

The last issues with STM32MP1 mainline Linux kernel support were resolved and now we run STMP157-OLinuXino-LIME2 in production!

Revision B fixes all hardware issues in the initial prototype. STMP157-OLINUXINO-LIME2 is complete analog of A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 which is one of our best selling Allwinner board.

Mainline uboot and Linux kernel 5.12 images are available with all periperials working.

We will have STMP157-OLINUXINO-LIME2 on our web for sale by the end of April.

This is also our first board with Ethernet supporting Precise Time Protocol and Time Sensitive Networking implemented.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diego
    Apr 02, 2021 @ 19:54:53

    Cool, very good news!


  2. SK
    Apr 02, 2021 @ 21:51:15


    Could you share what was previously causing trouble with the USB-OTG port.

    Also do you expect to have different storage boards (fitting Flash_Con1) released alongside the SBC, or will that happen later given the huge lead times (and price increases) for memory chips?


  3. Marian Siebert
    Sep 09, 2021 @ 10:29:22

    Any update on the availability? When can we expect this product to be in stock? And are the prices on the website already realistic (at least roughly)?


    • OLIMEX Ltd
      Sep 09, 2021 @ 14:46:59

      we have first lot assembled and now is testing, too many troubles with the Linux support, our people are still learning. The prices are these on the web, probably best prices in the world for industrial grade linux boards


  4. Marian Siebert
    Sep 20, 2021 @ 16:38:52

    Thanks for the availability update.

    I have one more question: Will the GPU of the STM32MP1 be usable in Linux with OpenGL ES2.0? (In contrast to the A20 GPU which is apparently unusable due to LIMA driver problems…)


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