New mainline Linux images with Kernel 5.3.8 for A13-OLinuXino and A13-SOM are uploaded


A13-OLinuXino and A13-SOM got new mainline Linux images based on Kernel 5.3.8 on our ftp.

The two distributions we usually release are Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic and Armbian/Debian buster next with build instructions and ready to burn to SD card images.

This is how Allwinner keep their promise for long term supply with Olimex


Today 39.6 K pcs A13 arrived to our warehouse. This is partial shipment of our 90 K pcs order placed in April, the balance is testing now and will be shipped this month. Allwinner produced these A13 SOC exclusively for us. As you can see from the label these left factory 27th of August 2019:


A13-OLinuXino was our first board with Allwinner SOC.

We released it 7 years ago back in 2012.

Although A13 is officially discontinued from Allwinner web site, A13-SOM and A13-OLinuXino are still very popular boards among our customers and we supply them in large quantity.

This is example how working Long Term supply can be achieved with company from China. Note that Allwinner do not say that they will stop manufacturing A13 after 10 years, they will keep producing as long as their masks are OK and there is demand.


A13-SOM-512 Android image for 4.3″ LCD with touchscreen released


We got request from customer for Android image which supports 4.3″ LCD with touchscreen. He did his development with Beagle Bone, but wanted to optimize the cost for production so A13-SOM512 price was very attractive, but default Allwinner Android image although allow you to define smaller LCD resolutions has no working touchscreen calibration for small LCDs, also default Android screen was not set well and status bar was taking big portion of the screen.

Here is the newly released SD-card image for A13-SOM512 Android with 4.3″ LCD with touchscreen display.


Now you can develop your embedded Andoid application on low cost board with small LCD.

Building Android Jelly Bean for A13-OLinuXino-WIFI Step by Step Tutorial


Akshay Mathur sent us very detailed step by step tutorial how to build Android Jelly Bean for A13-OLinuXino-WIFI.

A13-OLinuXino-(WIFI) Debian Build with Kernel 3.4.90+



A while ago we put on our Forum wishlist for the next Debian release, now in this Debian release we implemented most of the requests we read on the forum.

Here is Debian image for A13-OLinuXino-(WiFi) with Kernel 3.4.90+

Here is Building description.

Here is List of installed packages.

Here is image description.

New A13-SOM-LTE design on GitHub



What you see on the picture above is A13-SOM-LTE shield which enables 100 Mbit 4G Internet access to A13-SOM.

The LTE shield is specially designed for 4G module from partner we work with. This is the first prototype and some tests should be completed but it’s matter of weeks or months these modules to be released. We still have no price on the 4G module as these are very new but we are assured to have them on the very low cost, so with A13-SOM to enable wearable cloud technology.

100Mbit is enough to listen music, watch videos, log large amounts of data to cloud storage.


A13-SOM-LTE shield is OSHW, the schematic and CAD files are on GitHub.


A13-SOM-XXX Debian build with Kernel 3.4.90+ and many new features


Here is Debian image for A13-SOM-256 with Kernel 3.4.90+

Here is Debian image for A13-SOM-512 with Kernel 3.4.90+

Here is Building description.

Here is List of installed packages.

Here is image description.

A13-SOM Android 4.2.2 NAND Flash image


We completed Android 4.2.2 NAND Flash image for A13-SOM-512 note that this image will not work on A13-SOM-256 as Android require lot of RAM, also to may use this image you need A13-SOM-WIFI-4GB shield to store the image.

New Product in Stock: A13-SOM-256, A13-SOM-512, A13-SOM-WIFI, A13-SOM-WIFI-4GB


A13-SOM-256 and A13-SOM-512 the smallest SOM modules for Allwinner A13 Cortex-A8 processors are now in stock.


A13-SOM-WIFI add internet connectivity, A13-SOM-WIFI-4GB adds also 4GB NAND to run Android.

Meet A13-SOM the smallest Allwinner SOM which cost only EUR 18 in single quantity and run with 1Ghz Cortex-A8 processor



A13-SOM is very small only 61 x 33 mm module which contains everything to run Linux:

  • A13 Cortex-A8 processor running at 1Ghz
  • 256 or 512MB of DDR3 memory
  • micro SD-card
  • power supply
  • console UART
  • A13 GPIO ports on connectors

The module needs single 3.3V / 150mA power supply to run Debian Linux.

All free ports of A13 are available on 4 connectors with 0.05″ step.

A13-SOM-256MB cost EUR 18 for single quantity and goes down to EUR 12 for 1000 pcs.

A13-SOM-512MB cost EUR 21 for single quantity and goes down to EUR 14 for 1000 pcs


A13-SOM-WIFI is shield to connect to A13-SOM and have these features: RTL8188CU wifi module, USB-OTG, optional 4GB NAND, optional 8MB SPI Flash, LCD connector. The LCD connector supports all our parallel RGB LCDs like A13-LCD4.3″TS, A13-LCD7″TS, A13-LCD10″TS.

A13-SOM-WIFI cost EUR 10 in single quantity, A13-SOM-WIFI-4GB cost EUR 17 in single quantity, A13-SOM-WIFI-8MB cost EUR 12.00 in single quantity

A13-SOM and A13-SOM-WIFI will be in stock by May 15th.

A13-SOM-LTE a 4G LTE 100Mbit shield is in development.

A13-SOM is perfect where space is limited, basically you can do with it same what you can do with A13-OLinuXino but in much smaller and compact form.


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